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Thrilla in Manila

We are back! I need to sign some documents from my previous company that's why we are here. And it's freakin' hot! Knowing that I will be back in Eastwood City made me think of so much food and fun. I miss the place so bad, that when we are still on our way trip, all I can think of is Sambuko-jin, Fazoli's, Outback and so much more! And from that, I am making my itinerary of which place to go first and what food to order first. I am going to post the picture once I'm done eating, but for now, I just want to update you guys that there will be so much food and drinks that I will be posting here. hehehehe....  So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Our trip to Manila I

Visiting Manila and seeing the traffic and pollution kind of gave me excitement after not experiencing those in a while. I was very excited to see my friends and my favorite place "Eastwood City" again. I actually made a list of places and food that I want to eat while in Manila, those foods that are not being served in Baguio City. Sambokojin was on top of my list, Outback and Fazoli's which is apparently changed the name now to Bigoli's. Those are some of my favorite restaurants in Manila, because I have a lot. After spending some time with my husband's family, we visited my old office in Eastwood so we can also go to our favorite resto.We decided to have dinner at Sambukojin for an all out Japanese and Korean experience again.