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     These are the actual food I cooked for my family and friends. I prepared all of them and served it myself. Most people I know told me to go to Culinary School because they love my cooking, but according to my Grandmother, cooking school is only for those people who doesn't know how to cook. Ok ok I know some will raise their eyebrows because Culinary school will also develop and enhance  the gift that someone already has, but I am not really planning of using this as a profession, maybe for a home based business someday. I love cooking, it makes me feel beautiful and sexy every time people gives me positive feedback. That is why I am sharing this to all of you. If you want the recipe, just let me know and I will be happy to share it! 

A family favorite, learn to cook this from my mom and one of our famous Appetizer in our previous Restaurant. Best served with soy sauce mixed with vinegar, chiles and lots of red onions. For recipe, please visit Crispy Pork Tenga

Yeah i know it looks awful but i am telling you that looks can sometimes be deceiving! ha ha ha! I made this no cook CHEESECAKE Christmas of 2010 and my family Loved it! Although they told me that I have to work on the presentation. It was funny but it was true and my family and friends are my favorite critics. For recipe, please visit NO BAKE CHEESECAKE. 

This food is actually an accidental experiment I made to impress my family. I always like experimenting when it comes to food. I love discovering new flavors with innovative ingredients. Love this dish because it's healthy, nutritious and very affordable.
Please visit RECIPE OF THE DAY
for more information. 

I am always  a fan of Chinese food and always excited to try and create my own recipe every time we eat out in a restaurant. I was craving for dumpling yesterday and so I made my own wrapper in scratch. If you would like to try my recipe, please go to RECIPE OF THE DAY