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Viva la Cebu! Golden Trip!

Stuffed Crab
Grilled Squid
Casa Verde Banana Split
Magellan's Cross
Fort San Pedro
Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu

Casa Verde Chicken Fingers
Basilica de Sto Nino
Cebu is one of the places I dream t of visiting since I was a kid. The thought of flying the airplanes or sail in a ship was already plant in my young mind because my babysitter was from that place. She told me this stories about the woods, the river, the foods and so many adventures that I wanted to experience myself but my mother never let me. So when time finally came that I am earning on my own, Cebu is on top of my priority list. Of course, I traveled with my husband but he was already there when I came because of work. I decided to surprise him although he already knew that I am going there, but he doesn’t know the exact date and time. I choose Crown Regency Hotel and Towers for my first night because of all the adventures I can do plus the sumptuous buffet. When I got there, there will going to be a show from ASAP (Abs-Cbn) and Party Pilipinas (GMA7) so I am not surprised to see celebrities hanging out everywhere. When I finally decided to eat my dinner, I was with the table with Zsa Zsa Padilla, Karylle, and other Artist from Kapamilya network. I noticed that on the other table were Kapuso stars like Sexbomb dancers, Jay-R, Kris Lawrence and some more. After dinner, I tried Sky Experience Adventures and it was cool!!!! The adrenaline rush was awesome! I did all that while waiting for my drunk husband who happened to went out with his office mates (since he doesn’t have any idea that I was coming) so instead, I WAS THE ONE SURPRISED! Oh well, life goes on, I promised myself that nothing and no one can ruin my vacation. The same night, we went to IT Park where he is temporarily working and he showed me some restaurants and places that I might be interested to go to. We had coffee in Mocha Blends which sucks (not in Manila Branch I would say) and we had some beers and baby back ribs for the appetizer in this not so big food house near his office. There is a stage inside where you can already feel the face and breathe of the singer because of super limited space so we decided to stay outside so we can also smoke. After that, he was contacted by his staff housemate and they invited us for drinks and poker. I won! Hahaha!! And we finished at around 6 in the morning!                                                                                 
Casa Verde Baby Back Ribs
2ND DAY: We slept for about 2 hours and we hit the road again for the BEACH! We look all over, from Mactan to Lapu Lapu and finally we decided to stay in TAMBULI Resort. The place was nice and I will give them 6 out of 10 for the overall service. We hired a boat so we can explore the sea for about 1,200 exclusive for the 2 of us. We went to the fish sanctuary where we did snorkeling and it was so beautiful! There was an entrance fee but it was worth it. We can stay as long as we want but there was limitation in terms of the boat going near the sanctuary ‘cause they don’t want the fishes be disturbed.  After snorkeling, we had lunch at “Floating Restaurant” that doesn’t actually float. It was so EXPENSIVE! Since we were already in Cebu we’re kind of expecting that seafood will not be that much since it’s their product but OH MY! One piece of a medium sized Squid was P500, Lapu Lapu was P1000 a piece, local lobster was P1300 each, you can request to have it cooked the way you want it, and it comes with 2 servings of local beers and unlimited fried rice but still it was so expensive! Since we were already there, we ate anyway and unfairness the food was good (since it cooked fresh, I guess). We ordered the 2 squids, 1 local lobster, 1 Lapu Lapu, and we paid from whopping P3,600!!!!! I can’t really say it was worth it and we will definitely not go back to that place ever again! We went back to our resort to swim and for some more beers. For appetizers, we had Crispy Pata and Crab. Oh so yummy! At night we decided to have a massage and again it was a disappointment. They told us it’s for 600/hour but it only lasted 30 minutes (they thought we were sleeping, and they took advantage on that) They don’t have their own massage oil and clean towels.                                                                                                                                                                                       3rd DAY: Was all spent inside the resort. We had more drinks and we ate generously all the time! We enjoyed literally sky’s the limit way and it was all worth it. We checked out of the resort and went to the tourist spots like Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, and many more.                                                                                                                                     4th DAY:   It was time for me to go back to Manila alone because he still has to finish his 1 month work in Cebu. We went to places where we can buy goodies that I can take back home for pasalubong.  And for the record, I spent P30,000.00 just for that Cebu vacation where later on made me think, I can go out of the country for that amount!

Wagyu Eastwood City

Seafood Pasta
Pumpkin Soup
    Although it seems to be a fine dining place, I was wrong. I can safely say that it is a semi fine dining restaurant. My husband’s birthday gift to me 1 year ago was in this place. My son was just a baby that time. I was very hesitant because I thought that it was expensive but I was wrong again. We had 3 course meal and it was delicious. Every penny was worth it. So after a year and we are both working now, we decided to celebrate our anniversary in Wagyu. We decided to order “sky’s the limit” this time. No hesitations, just pure fine dining experience. And I wasn’t disappointed, I enjoyed the food as well as the ambiance of the place. Again, it was a perfect evening.

G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Oh Johnny my rocket…

 Johnny Rockets Classic Burger
Chicken Fingers
   My husband and I are very fond of eating in buffets/eat all you can restaurant. We already visited Something Fishy in Libis breakfast, lunch and dinner for almost 3 consecutive months. Meaning everyday! Even boodle feast of Seafood Island in Libis and The Fort. When we heard that there is carinderia type of eat all you can in 1 mall that only costs P99, we immediately grab the chance to visit and taste the food! We really love good food and that P99 was a disappointment, for us, it’s better to pay more and get the service you expected that paying less and gain nothing. Then Sambokujin was born and it was HEAVEN! All the foods are great and even the flavors and presentation. We’ve been there twice and we are planning to go back anytime soon. And so we were walking along Eastwood mall and we saw JOHNNY ROCKETS with all the fries you can eat! It was amazing! We finished 1 bottle of tomato ketchup and almost 500 grams of mayonnaise after eating probably 1 kilogram of FRENCH FRIES! I can’t hardly breathe because of too much food I ate. But it was all worth it. The burger was awesome and the fries are perfect, we even had a free entertainment from their servers when they danced to the tune of Y.M.C.A. It was a bloated perfect night.

Yummy Burger

Johnny Rockets

G/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Hundred Island Night mare!

Sinigang na Panga ng Tuna
Kilawing Talaba
Crispy Pata
Our very own inihaw na Pusit
Ihaw ihaw namin
Every year, our favorite friends go out of town (and someday out of the country) for summer vacation.  We’ve been to Subic, Zambales, Pangasinan, Puerto Galera, Batangas, Laguna, Pagudpod and La Union. Next year we want to go to Boracay for a change, because we want to fly the plane together! It’s our dream! I hope we will be able to organize everything soon so there’s no more hassle this time. Go back to our Hundred Island trip, it was absolutely DISASTER! From the moment we hopped in the bus and straight to Pangasinan. First, our meeting time was 5 am so we can enjoy the whole day in the beach. We had a solid plan with us but little do we know that everything will turn out NIGHTMARE! So we went to Victory liner for the earliest trip to Pangasinan but for the bad luck sake’s, the next trip will be after 3 hours. (Plus, 4 of our friends are MIA!!!!) So we contacted them and told them to go directly to Dagupan bus terminal since it also has daily trip to Pangasinan but again for bad luck sake, only Ordinary bus was available. So for the love of adventure, we decided to take this trip because it’s almost 8am and we are so behind our schedule. Because it’s our bad day, the trip took 6 hours and it was because of heavy traffic, so many stop over (because it is ordinary) and many many many many more that would pissed you off if you were on our shoes. We almost regret the trip and I said that we should’ve visited Baguio instead. So after our very long journey, we got there at around 3pm and it was freaking hot! We didn’t know that there is no actual beach on our destination and we have to rent a boat to go to the island. Again, we were disappointed so we decided to eat first and it is the only thing that made us happy that day. The seafood was fresh and delicious! Although we waited for almost an hour, everything was worth it. The shrimp, squid, sinigang, oyster and crispy pata! They will cook all seafood fresh from the aquarium so it freshness is guaranteed. Since it was almost dark when we finished “lunch”, we decided to look for place where we can stay although some boatmen offered to bring us to the beach and we can stay there. One local point us to someone who has room for rent that can accommodate 8 of us. It was ok, the place is not your typical hotel room and the air conditioned was not functioning well but the scenery was fine. After unpacking our stuff, 2 of my friends and I went to the market to buy foods, drinks and things we need for tomorrow’s journey to the beach. Everything was seemed normal except for the squid because we really find it hard to believe that it was way too cheap for its size! It was humongous and so fresh and it was only P75/kilo. Even after eating it, it was hard for us to believe the price of the squid because if you will buy it in Manila, it might be for P400 each! Anyway, moving forward (see?!Until now I’m still hooked) we grilled the squid, bangus, chicken, pork, eggplant, seaweed and tilapia. We also had fruit salad with buko for dessert. We had some drinks and then we decided to finally take a rest. We woke up 5 in the morning to make sure every hour of the day will be spent in the beach, but with our dismay, we left the shore almost 7am waiting for the boatmen. Upon riding the boat, everything was seemed stressful because there was no enough life vest and some are already torn and ruined. We decided to clear our mind and told ourselves to calm down because we went there to relax and unwind. We checked out 3 islands and it seems that there was some sort of festival so we decided to look for a quite place to swim. We saw this island (I forgot the name) and we decided to stay there for a while. The boatmen said that they have to fix the boat and pick up some customers at the same time so they need to leave us for about 45 minutes. We were very hesitant at first but we ended up saying “its ok.” We enjoyed the fine sands and blue sea but we noticed that it’s almost 2 hours since the boatmen left. We called the owner, even the barangay/organizer for help. After almost 3 hours they came and we were so PISSED OFF!!!! This is a nightmare!!! From the beginning till end! We finished our whole day trip then we decided to go back home in Manila. The trip was disastrous! And we decided to never ever come back to 100 ISLAND PANGASINAN EVER AGAIN.

Uncle Cheffy Eastwood Libis

Spagehetti Alejandro
Memphis BBQ US Beef Rib Finger
Garlic Studded Pork Belly Lechon
My husband and I were looking for a place to celebrate our Anniversary so we checked out resto’s and bar in the internet.  We came up with so many names and places but we end up in Eastwood City where we work and live. It was funny because we were always trying to avoid this place so we can explore others, but it we run out of idea, this is always the place to be! After searching all the menus and tables, we decided eat at Uncle Cheffy because we haven’t been there (which I guess is the only remaining place we haven’t visited) And I wasn’t disappointed because the food was not just great but SUPERB! Their servings are huge and it was all tasty. Even their sauces were awesome. We had the pasta, baked potatoes, roasted pork, beef ribs and some beers. It was all great and we promised to go back there soon.

Uncle Cheffy
2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Our Visit to Baguio

    My family and I recently visited Baguio ironically when it was rainy and the weather was really bad. That’s how crazy we are sometimes and no wonder my husband and I are still together until now! Hahaha!  So we visited places such Burnham Park, Club John Hay, Mines views, SM Baguio Mall, The Market and the night life in Nevada Square. We had 5 days vacation in Baguio so we really made an effort to explore their tourist spots and foods. We stayed in Hotel Veniz which is strategically located at the heart of Baguio (well for me) because it is besides the market, session rd (downtown), Burnham Park, Malls and many more. Of course we had breakfast in the hotel because it was free, and BUFFET! Our Favorite! Then after that we decided to go out and visited places. My son really enjoyed running in Baguio’s fresh and super green grass. The can even smell the pine trees! Unfortunately it was raining really hard so we went back to the hotel early. We had dinner at The Sizzling Plate and although the food was great, the place is not.  There are so many cockroaches all over the place, and it was scary because even their ceilings are full of baby cockroaches (which are worse than big ones because it’s harder to notice if it’s already in your food!!!) This is not my first time to visit the place so I was really surprised that the restaurant is almost falling apart. My favorite sans rival was still great but their steaks (porterhouse and t-bone) are not that yummy anymore. We even changed table 3 times because of the roaches. Then the second day we partied at Nevada and we were also disappointed because the place is not the same anymore as it was before. It was too crowded, not of people but of establishments.

     Then we went to this place called Kamalig Comedy bar, it was funny and the gays are really hilarious but not to be compared to Manila’s Comedy bar because it is still Novice. The next day we visited 50’s diner on its new location and to my surprised, although almost everything changed, the food was still ok. The servings are still big and the vanilla shake was still awesome! The last 2 remaining days of our vacation was spent inside the hotel because there was a typhoon, it sucks but we had some quality time together so it turned out great. Then before going to the bus terminal, we decided to have lunch in SM Baguio and we found David's Tea House. The servings are huge and the taste was phenomenal. But if you are in a hurry to eat, I will not recommend this because it took a while for our order to be served. We ordered Pata tim and some dumplings.


116 Session Rd
Baguio City, CAR 2600 
074-442 4219

50's Diner Baguio
General Luna Road
Baguio City 2600

David's Tea House Baguio

UG/F SM City Baguio, Luneta Hill, Upper Session Rd. cor.Governor Pack Rd.
Baguio City, Benguet