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Anniversay in Omai'khan

We've been looking for a great place with a sumptuous bbq ribs since its a mutual favorite between me and my husband. Upon looking on the internet, there are so many names we found and some are not really good. I remember eating mongolian buffet in Omai'khan when I was in college and it was really extravagant so I was having second thought when he ask me if I want to celebrate our anniversary dinner in the restaurant. What I can say is that the service is ok when you go there after lunch, but during dinner, its a nightmare. Their servers are very organized and when you ask them about their food, they don't have any idea at all. I am pregnant, and I am very particular about the food I eat, that is why I always ask. But when it comes to food, no doubt, its different now. All the foods are delicious, also the soup. One concern I have is the Barbarian meal (crispy pata), regardless of the size you will order, you will only have 1 rice which is kind of pathetic for me. Coz they XXL crispy pata is good for more than 4 people, I wonder if they thought about that. Anyway, we ordered The Barbarian meal and Mongolian Hot pot. I also ordered vanilla shake which tasted like milk with shaved ice, not vanilla. For dessert, we had Banana split and Strawberry cheesecake. The cheesecake is kind of sour but bearable for me. Also we ordered french fries for appetizer. Maybe when you visit the place, you can judge it for yourself.


I'm BACK! After giving birth to my wonderful and beautiful healthy young BOY! Since the title of my blog is the happy traveler, I actually mean it. Remember that we moved in to Baguio City few months ago? Well, we're back in Manila! hahahhaha! Oh yeah, that's true. It's complicated but honestly, I'm sort of happy for what happened and seriously I've learn so much from everything. I will be writing more often again, that's a promise. = )

   I forgot to post our Despedida party pictures so I will going to do that in a short while. Hope that you still enjoy reading my blogs and I promise to create and post more of my recipes here. Just hang in there and HAPPY EATING!