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Right and Privacy 
I respect everybody's rights and privacy and I am committed to practice this especially when visiting my Blog.
I would like to clearly reiterate that I am not connected nor affiliated to any establishments mentioned on my blog. All of my comments here are personal evaluation and should not affect any outcome of service from third party mentioned. Some people might find my comments offensive but I don't have to apologize because this is my personal blog and I am entitled with my own opinion. Although my principle is like that, I don't tolerate profanity on my blog and comments, if so, I will delete any comments that has inappropriate words and attacking another individual. All Blogs here are 100% original and plagiarism is not welcome here. All pictures/videos are also original unless specified that picture is borrowed from the owner. All mentioned recipes are also original by the owner of this blog and was not copied from another website or blog.

I don't endorsed product or services that are not personally tasted or experienced myself. And I am not paid for giving positive comments to some product or services.
If you choose to subscribe with our RSS feed or email newsletter, by providing your personal information such as name, email, website, contact number, we agreed that we are not going to disclose such information to the public, unless you do it yourself by showing the information on your comment which is not private here.

Advertisement/Third Party Website
We have visible advertisement and links to third party website. By clicking on their badge or links, you agreed that it is your own free will and whatever outcome it may have, The Happy Traveler will not be held responsible for such action.Third party websites may have their own privacy and terms, and be aware if you have already left our website. We may support them or give them positive feedback for some reason, but we are not affiliated nor connected to such websites.

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