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Teriyaki Boy with Johnny English for treat!

Ebi Tempura Ramen

Tartar Sauce

Tamago Sushi

Sumo Roll
   Yesterday was my schedule for Ultrasound and some groceries, since we went out lunch time, we decided to eat at the mall. I really wanted to have soup because it was freaking cold out here! And the best place in my mind is Ebi Tempura Ramen (P185) with shoyu base soup by Teriyaki Boy. First, as always, I ordered tamago sushi for appetizers and this time, I added their newest special Sumo Roll (P255)(salmon, tuna, watermelon and mango.) Usually, I want gyoza (P110) with my tamago sushi (P55) but I wanted to try some things new that day. We were almost done with the Roll when my order came. The soup was so delicious and it compliments the Shrimp Tempura that is half crunchy and half soft. My husband ordered Katsudon (P170), that has a sweet tangy sauce, which we love. As far as I can remember, this could be my 15th time in Teriyaki Boy. I love their food, though I don't like their service especially in their SM Marikina Branch. The service sucks! They are not attentive and to think we are the only customer that time. Too many crews were roaming around the place talking and horsing around. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes for our order to arrive. And for that, we never ever want to come back again to that branch. After lunch in Teriyaki Boy, we decided to watch the movie Johhny English. I love Mr. Bean, his super hilarious and I will never get tired of laughing with his shows and movies. We were laughing so hard up until the last part of the movie. Our money was worth it! Which is very important to me and I guess to everyone as well.

LAzy Afternoon, Don Hen Lunch.

Combo 1
It was raining so hard, and everyone seems to be comfortable cuddling and watching TV all day long. It was so cold and I was freezing. I thought of cooking Japanese ramen with shoyu base soup but I was so lazy to do it. I stayed inside the room from the morning I woke up until lunch time. Everyone in the household was already complaining that they want to eat and starving so to end our miserable afternoon, I decided to have a DELIVERY! It would be the first time after 9 years that I will going to have a delivery from Don Henrico's. It's been a while, and although that we dine in Don Hen Cainta before, it would be different to have a taste of the original and first. It took more than an hour for the delivery but it's ok, it was raining so hard. I ordered Company for myself, ribs combo for my husband and Combo 1 for my sister. Well, I was sort of 80% disappointed. The fries was already soggy and cold. There was no ranch dressing which I requested. The spaghetti seemed like 2 bites, and that's it! My chicken looks awful and too much breading and the garlic on the bread is not well cooked so it taste too strong. The ribs was perfect, and since that's my favorite in the whole world, I gave them 80%, but if it wasn't, it'll probably be 30%. And to think everything was expensive now, the service and the food was disappointing. So I don't think that I will be having delivery from them for the next 1 year.

Lunch, Movie and Dinner

Ever since we experience financial crisis and shortage in everything, eating at fancy restaurants and even in fast food places seems so hard to find. So when my expected my came, well, you know exactly what I did! I ate, and ate and ate EVERYTHING I want! Started with the gigantic burger of wham called Bronco that has 1/3 pure beef patty, American cheese, bacon, fresh onions and barbeque sauce.I finished it with ice cold four seasons! Wow, it was amazing and I can't hardly breathe after finishing the humungous meal. So we decided to see the movie crazy, stupid, love by Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. With my surprised, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was funny, heart warming kind of movie. Although there are some distractions because the lady at my back keeps using her phone. I was already at the edge of my sit and just counting literally because I am about to explode! Luckily she went out because I kept on Shhhhhhsh her! hahahahha! So the lunch was great and the movie is great, so what could be the worst possible reason that can ruin my night? NO ONE. We decided to took home Tokyo tokyo's sumo remix of beef mison and pork tonkatsu with addtional 4 pcs of Shrimp Tempura. I also added 8 pcs of California Maki. Our dinner was great! Though our day wasn't perfect, I had a blast and it was really wonderful to experience that again...from time to time...

Fazoli's Eastwood is the BEST!

My very first visit to Fazoli's Eastwood City I guess t'was 4 years ago with a friend. We were both working with the same company and we have the same lifestyle. We always go out and do gimiks almost every night so its not surprisingly unusual to find us with no money at all. There are times that we spent our pay money just overnight! Oh well, we were young then and know better now. The reason why we chose Fazoli's that day was because we both love Italian food and most of all, it was very affordable! I was expecting that the servings will be "cute" but to my surprise, I was wrong. They have this big plate and the crunchy always freshly baked garlic bread is FREE! So for short, Fazoli's is now officially one of our favorite place to hang out and dine in. Everything is affordable, from main dish to dessert. Even drinks are only for P50 and its already refillable! This place is so amazing that I decided to celebrate my son's first birthday. Every time I visit the place, I always make sure that I have pizza, pasta, garlic bread and chicken on my plate. Plus tiramisu or chocolate cake for dessert. One time, my husband and I went to the place and we only had P300 for food. We ordered the pasta platter that includes lasagna, spaghetti in tomato sauce and Alfredo. And of course, since the bread is free, we ate like hundred pieces I guess. hahaha! And for the drinks, I share his refillable, ooppps! Before you react, we know its wrong but I only had like 4 sips. We were just really hungry that time and we don't have enough budget so I hope you can forgive us. Anyway, for anything in the world that I would recommend, this place is one of our favorites. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Outback SteakHouse Libis


Baby Back ribs
I've been to Outback Libis and Glorietta many times but this is the first time I visited the place with  my husband. I was very excited because this is his first time and I always wanted to be the one giving instructions what to order and what to expect. I love Outback, especially their steaks and lobsters. So I got bit disappointed that they don't have the lobster that day. So I showed my husband the menu and so excited to explain what they look like and taste like. I guess I already tried 75% of their food so I know almost all of them. My husband ordered Baby Back ribs although I told him to get the steak, he loves steak but he love ribs more than anything else. He loves boney food whether if its chicken, beef or pork ( you can see it on my previous blog that he's always ordering Ribs or Crispy Pata). Going on, I ordered the platter that has Bloomin Onion, Nachos and Chicken with blue-cheese and tartar sauce dip. I am never a fun of blue-cheese. I just don't like the way it smells and taste. So every time I eat with blue cheese, it's like parsley to me, it was always put aside. ha ha ha! So they served they're famous bread first with butter until our order is ready. I love this bread. It's like our local pandesal but much more tasty and so soft.So finally our order came and although my husband was disappointment with the size of ribs, it was good anyway so we enjoyed every second of it.

Our 2nd Visit to Baguio

Aussie Rib eye
Toasted Garlic

Aussie Beef Porterhouse
French Fries

Atsara (Mixed Pickled Veggies)

Baguio will always be a part of my life. The cold weather and the freshest vegetable is one of the wonderful thing about this place. I probably can't count how many time I've been in Baguio City but now, I count every visit because I am not alone anymore. I have my family to include in my adventures now. So even if it was raining hard, we promised to go back and visit places we were not able to go to the first time we were there. And since we love steaks, we give another try to Sizzling Plate and we checked out if the management already noticed all those cockroach nestling on the roof. We didn't notice it until we finished our order and again, I was disappointed because all the cockroaches are still there. They painted the place and it was good but the insects are still there (it is outside the box where the fluorescent light is). We ordered Australian beef for a change. I ordered Australian beef rib eye and my husband was Australian Porterhouse. Instead of rice, we requested french fries for replacement and the steak came with Atsara (mixed pickled vegetables) and lots of toasted garlic. Late that night, we decided to go out for some drink and we choose Nevada again. There was this new drink called Baguio Sling and so we decided to tried it. Ew! that's all I can say, you can't even determine if its sweet or bitter or what. It has too many mint leaves and the flavor was just disgusting! We munch on Calamares (squid rings) which was ok, I love their dip. The next day before going back to Manila, we had lunch in 50's diner imitation Jim's Retro Diner in Session Rd. I am not really sure if they have the same owner but everything looks like 50's diner. The food was good and very affordable, although I saw one small fly on my veggies and they replaced it. I am not hard to please especially with food, because I love food, but if I found something floating, swimming on my food that is not supposed to be there, your credibility as well as my trust is gone in a split second.

Baguio Sling
Chicken Cordon Bleu with Fries and Veggies
Pancake with Syrup


116 Session Rd
Baguio City, CAR 2600 
074-442 4219

Session Rd.
La Azotea Basement
Baguio City 2600

Breakfast for the Preggy

Scrambled Egg, Chorizo and French Toast
Fried rice with veggies
Fried rice, Sunny side-up egg and French Toast
After knowing that I am pregnant again, I want to make sure this time that I will control my eating. Because it's hard to lose wait really, although before it wasn't a problem to me, gaining pounds because of pregnancy sucks! So this time I will make it right, I will eat more healthy foods and less fats. No sugar if I can, unless I can use Sucrose that is better than aspartame which is not good for our body. Although it's always my pressure to prepare good food everyday for my family, I want to really make an effort to make it healthy as possible. Today, we had breakfast which was only right for my appetite. I was not so full and bloated unlike before. My fried rice has veggies like carrots and beans, this is to ensure that my 20 month old son is eating vegetable all the time.I also put some left over meat from our dinner last night so it will not be put on waste. My meal was 2 slices of chorizo, 1 piece scrambled egg and 1 piece french toast. My husband love's rice so it's impossible for him to finish a meal without eating it. I also made pancake but as you can see there is no picture because it didn't made it to the table! I love my family not because they love my cooking but because it makes me happy to see them happy every time I make something for them. I love it when they give positive feedback or even criticize my cooking because this is the only way for me to learn and be better. Well I hope you had a great breakfast too!


When I saw the ad on television about the new addition to KFC's delicious Burger, I was fascinated and so eager to try the new Tower Burger. It has mayo, veggies, chicken fillet, cheese and hash brown and it was so huge. Only when I finally see one myself in person and I got really really disappointed. The burger looks sloppy and the fillings are not what I expected. The cheese, fillet, veggies and even my favorite mayo is not what I saw on television. Well I was already there so the least I can do is taste it. In fairness, the taste was good and I am not really fond of eating burger with fries like my friends and cousin but this one is different. The crunchiness of the hash brown mixed with tenderness of the fillet and the softness of the Bun. But still, I was disappointed, I hope there are ways to inform advertiser on how misleading it was to put something that is not really served on an establishment. And as what I heard, you can actually sue company who has misleading advertisement, coz I guess we are not really getting what we paid for....


Fruit Art
Special Chopseuy with quail eggs, crab stick & Veggies
Side Table Cactus
Fresh Flowers

Star Apple
When my husband’s cousin finally finished the construction of renovating their house in Quezon City, of course, everyone was invited! First of all, the house was amazing, and you wouldn’t think it’s the same house at all. All the new furniture, appliances, newly crisp curtains and the breeze of natural air from the outside of the house mixed with the air conditioner was truly a great since it was summer time. They decided to have the house blessed and all of the closest friends and family was invited. They prepared some Filipino delicacies such as, Chopseuy, Crispy Baked Lechon Kawali, Fried chicken and Italian food like Baked Penne in Creamy tomato sauce and Garlic white fish with sweet and spicy soy sauce.  The table presentation was amazing, and the design was elegant as well as the taste of the food. The flower and fruit arrangement looks very professional and very neat. We had so much fun with the house blessing, I know it’s kinda odd but we are laughing all the way from the beginning till end of the ceremony. It was because of the priest itself who was very funny and adorable. After the ceremony we started lunch and we talked about the outcome of the house. We had coffee crumble and double Dutch ice cream for dessert. We finally rested for a few, my family and I stayed in one of the room own by our nephew and we watched movies while my son was sleeping. We went straight to Subic Olongapo City for our summer vacation after all that unforgettable meal and fun experience.
Table Arrangement
White Fish with Sweet and Spicy Soy Sauce

Baked Penne

Greasy CookBook

Baby Back Ribs
Baked Parmesan-Crusted White Fish
Baby Back Ribs (after the storm) = )
Red Velvet Cake
Every weekend, my family and I always make an effort to go out and dine outside the house. When my son wasn’t born yet, my husband and I had what we called Date night, which every weekend, it can be Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we go out, drink, eat and have fun. Now that we already have an angel who is growing up fast, I made sure that nothing will change. My son is now learning how to walk so it’s best to let him roam around the park or the mall and Eastwood City is one of the best places to do that. I can say that for the past 2 years, Eastwood City became my comfort place, to dine, to watch movies, and to just sit there and let the time pass by. Also, we made a promise to taste and experience all the food in all Eastwood’s Restaurant. So far I can say that we are already 80% complete so not bad!Cookbook Kitchen Restaurant in Eastwood had so much positive comments from my friends so I decided to finally try it together with my family. We ordered the baby back ribs and baked Parmesan crusted white fish. When our order came, it looks so sumptuous and delicious. But I noticed that every bite, the oil in the food became more and more visible. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but I am not really fond of oily food even if it’s Olive, it’s still oil right? The fish itself was swimming in Olive oil and its kinda look disgusting. We finished our meal with their Red Velvet Cake and this is the only food that made my day. It was not too sweet for me and really spongy. So, when my friends from work invited me to have lunch in cookbook weeks after that, I told myself why not give it a try again. I can’t remember what I ordered because I never took any picture at all because we were all so pissed! Our order took 1 hour to finish and we only had 1 hour lunch break! I was so pissed that I told myself I will never go back to eat there again. Though I ordered velvet cake again. = )

1880-A Bldg., Eastwood City, QC.

Iloilo with Guimaras Side Dish

When I was pregnant almost 2 years ago, I had nothing to do but to click my mouse and run my fingers through my laptop’s keyboard. In short, I was jobless, bum piggy lady stocked browsing the web all the time. So it wasn’t a surprise when I got so many good deals over the internet including CEBU pacific 2009 Independence Day PISO deal. I booked flight to Iloilo and Bacolod so that after giving birth, I can enjoy vacation one more time, now only with extra baggage. = )
  When time finally came to enjoy my vacation, I decided not to bring my 5 month old son because I don’t want him to ride a boat just yet( Iloilo to Guimaras includes riding a boat) So this is officially my first vacation after giving birth together with my husband. It was also our first time to fly a plane together. When we were already in Iloilo, there was only one thing in our mind, FOOD! Our itinerary includes: 1st day- Iloilo going to Guimaras, 2nd day- Explore Guimaras, and 3rd day- Guimaras going back to Iloilo and spend the whole day exploring the town. So before going to Guimaras, we went to the famous Deco’s Iloilo’s La Paz Batchoy and it was truly their treasure. The soup, the noodles, everything on it was all good. After our sumptuous meal, we went straight to the small boat that will bring us to Guimaras, which is famous for their mango in the whole world! Guimaras is very beautiful, and people there are sweet and very accommodating.    
Crab in coconut sauce

Fresh Oysters
Bell Tower

Breakthrough Seafood Restaurant
     Although their food is not that promising, the famous Mango is a must try and Bacolod’s butterscotch. We arrived in Guimaras port at around 2pm and there are lots of tricycle drivers waiting for passengers (later on we learned that you can hire their service for P300 only) they will bring you to places such as tourist spots, market or any place you are interested to visit. It is fun to enjoy this especially riding the jeepney so you’ll know your way to the town (there are no cabs/taxi in Guimaras). The tricycle driver brought us to the church and waited until we’re done praying and taking pictures. Then we went to Trappist Monastery (but only for a while) and went straight to the beach resort. We arrived in the resort probably 4 or 5 in the afternoon and we noticed how old age the place was because the store was about to close and even the one and only restaurant in the resort. We decided to buy everything we need until the next day since everything will be close in a second.  We brought along beers, foods, cigarettes in the seashore and we started enjoying the sceneries. The breeze was cold and yet, we were not freezing at all. We ate, drink, and swim over and over until we are tired. We went to bed at around 2 in the morning but we promised to wake up early so we can see the rising of the sun. Later in the afternoon, there were jellyfish all over the sea which made us decide to pack our bags and go back to Iloilo. We look for Ted’s which we heard was also one of the best La Paz Batchoy in Iloilo, but it was nothing compare to Deco’s. The soup and everything on it was not tasty at all. Well it was good, but I preferred Deco’s. After our meal, we went to Bell Tower and the Church.  We also visited SM Iloilo City and had dinner in Breakthrough Seafood and Restaurant in Arevalo, beachfront and the food was good and affordable! We stayed in Hotel Del Rio in Gen. Luna St. for the night but we went out again to party! We went to Smallville which is famous to be the “Malate” of Iloilo City. We partied until dawn and went back to our hotel. The next morning, we bought pasalubong and fly back to Manila. It was exhausting but unforgettable vacation, the foods will never be forgotten…