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LAzy Afternoon, Don Hen Lunch.

Combo 1
It was raining so hard, and everyone seems to be comfortable cuddling and watching TV all day long. It was so cold and I was freezing. I thought of cooking Japanese ramen with shoyu base soup but I was so lazy to do it. I stayed inside the room from the morning I woke up until lunch time. Everyone in the household was already complaining that they want to eat and starving so to end our miserable afternoon, I decided to have a DELIVERY! It would be the first time after 9 years that I will going to have a delivery from Don Henrico's. It's been a while, and although that we dine in Don Hen Cainta before, it would be different to have a taste of the original and first. It took more than an hour for the delivery but it's ok, it was raining so hard. I ordered Company for myself, ribs combo for my husband and Combo 1 for my sister. Well, I was sort of 80% disappointed. The fries was already soggy and cold. There was no ranch dressing which I requested. The spaghetti seemed like 2 bites, and that's it! My chicken looks awful and too much breading and the garlic on the bread is not well cooked so it taste too strong. The ribs was perfect, and since that's my favorite in the whole world, I gave them 80%, but if it wasn't, it'll probably be 30%. And to think everything was expensive now, the service and the food was disappointing. So I don't think that I will be having delivery from them for the next 1 year.

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