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Breakfast for the Preggy

Scrambled Egg, Chorizo and French Toast
Fried rice with veggies
Fried rice, Sunny side-up egg and French Toast
After knowing that I am pregnant again, I want to make sure this time that I will control my eating. Because it's hard to lose wait really, although before it wasn't a problem to me, gaining pounds because of pregnancy sucks! So this time I will make it right, I will eat more healthy foods and less fats. No sugar if I can, unless I can use Sucrose that is better than aspartame which is not good for our body. Although it's always my pressure to prepare good food everyday for my family, I want to really make an effort to make it healthy as possible. Today, we had breakfast which was only right for my appetite. I was not so full and bloated unlike before. My fried rice has veggies like carrots and beans, this is to ensure that my 20 month old son is eating vegetable all the time.I also put some left over meat from our dinner last night so it will not be put on waste. My meal was 2 slices of chorizo, 1 piece scrambled egg and 1 piece french toast. My husband love's rice so it's impossible for him to finish a meal without eating it. I also made pancake but as you can see there is no picture because it didn't made it to the table! I love my family not because they love my cooking but because it makes me happy to see them happy every time I make something for them. I love it when they give positive feedback or even criticize my cooking because this is the only way for me to learn and be better. Well I hope you had a great breakfast too!

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