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Outback SteakHouse Libis


Baby Back ribs
I've been to Outback Libis and Glorietta many times but this is the first time I visited the place with  my husband. I was very excited because this is his first time and I always wanted to be the one giving instructions what to order and what to expect. I love Outback, especially their steaks and lobsters. So I got bit disappointed that they don't have the lobster that day. So I showed my husband the menu and so excited to explain what they look like and taste like. I guess I already tried 75% of their food so I know almost all of them. My husband ordered Baby Back ribs although I told him to get the steak, he loves steak but he love ribs more than anything else. He loves boney food whether if its chicken, beef or pork ( you can see it on my previous blog that he's always ordering Ribs or Crispy Pata). Going on, I ordered the platter that has Bloomin Onion, Nachos and Chicken with blue-cheese and tartar sauce dip. I am never a fun of blue-cheese. I just don't like the way it smells and taste. So every time I eat with blue cheese, it's like parsley to me, it was always put aside. ha ha ha! So they served they're famous bread first with butter until our order is ready. I love this bread. It's like our local pandesal but much more tasty and so soft.So finally our order came and although my husband was disappointment with the size of ribs, it was good anyway so we enjoyed every second of it.

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