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Our 2nd Visit to Baguio

Aussie Rib eye
Toasted Garlic

Aussie Beef Porterhouse
French Fries

Atsara (Mixed Pickled Veggies)

Baguio will always be a part of my life. The cold weather and the freshest vegetable is one of the wonderful thing about this place. I probably can't count how many time I've been in Baguio City but now, I count every visit because I am not alone anymore. I have my family to include in my adventures now. So even if it was raining hard, we promised to go back and visit places we were not able to go to the first time we were there. And since we love steaks, we give another try to Sizzling Plate and we checked out if the management already noticed all those cockroach nestling on the roof. We didn't notice it until we finished our order and again, I was disappointed because all the cockroaches are still there. They painted the place and it was good but the insects are still there (it is outside the box where the fluorescent light is). We ordered Australian beef for a change. I ordered Australian beef rib eye and my husband was Australian Porterhouse. Instead of rice, we requested french fries for replacement and the steak came with Atsara (mixed pickled vegetables) and lots of toasted garlic. Late that night, we decided to go out for some drink and we choose Nevada again. There was this new drink called Baguio Sling and so we decided to tried it. Ew! that's all I can say, you can't even determine if its sweet or bitter or what. It has too many mint leaves and the flavor was just disgusting! We munch on Calamares (squid rings) which was ok, I love their dip. The next day before going back to Manila, we had lunch in 50's diner imitation Jim's Retro Diner in Session Rd. I am not really sure if they have the same owner but everything looks like 50's diner. The food was good and very affordable, although I saw one small fly on my veggies and they replaced it. I am not hard to please especially with food, because I love food, but if I found something floating, swimming on my food that is not supposed to be there, your credibility as well as my trust is gone in a split second.

Baguio Sling
Chicken Cordon Bleu with Fries and Veggies
Pancake with Syrup


116 Session Rd
Baguio City, CAR 2600 
074-442 4219

Session Rd.
La Azotea Basement
Baguio City 2600

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