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Teriyaki Boy with Johnny English for treat!

Ebi Tempura Ramen

Tartar Sauce

Tamago Sushi

Sumo Roll
   Yesterday was my schedule for Ultrasound and some groceries, since we went out lunch time, we decided to eat at the mall. I really wanted to have soup because it was freaking cold out here! And the best place in my mind is Ebi Tempura Ramen (P185) with shoyu base soup by Teriyaki Boy. First, as always, I ordered tamago sushi for appetizers and this time, I added their newest special Sumo Roll (P255)(salmon, tuna, watermelon and mango.) Usually, I want gyoza (P110) with my tamago sushi (P55) but I wanted to try some things new that day. We were almost done with the Roll when my order came. The soup was so delicious and it compliments the Shrimp Tempura that is half crunchy and half soft. My husband ordered Katsudon (P170), that has a sweet tangy sauce, which we love. As far as I can remember, this could be my 15th time in Teriyaki Boy. I love their food, though I don't like their service especially in their SM Marikina Branch. The service sucks! They are not attentive and to think we are the only customer that time. Too many crews were roaming around the place talking and horsing around. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes for our order to arrive. And for that, we never ever want to come back again to that branch. After lunch in Teriyaki Boy, we decided to watch the movie Johhny English. I love Mr. Bean, his super hilarious and I will never get tired of laughing with his shows and movies. We were laughing so hard up until the last part of the movie. Our money was worth it! Which is very important to me and I guess to everyone as well.

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