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Iloilo with Guimaras Side Dish

When I was pregnant almost 2 years ago, I had nothing to do but to click my mouse and run my fingers through my laptop’s keyboard. In short, I was jobless, bum piggy lady stocked browsing the web all the time. So it wasn’t a surprise when I got so many good deals over the internet including CEBU pacific 2009 Independence Day PISO deal. I booked flight to Iloilo and Bacolod so that after giving birth, I can enjoy vacation one more time, now only with extra baggage. = )
  When time finally came to enjoy my vacation, I decided not to bring my 5 month old son because I don’t want him to ride a boat just yet( Iloilo to Guimaras includes riding a boat) So this is officially my first vacation after giving birth together with my husband. It was also our first time to fly a plane together. When we were already in Iloilo, there was only one thing in our mind, FOOD! Our itinerary includes: 1st day- Iloilo going to Guimaras, 2nd day- Explore Guimaras, and 3rd day- Guimaras going back to Iloilo and spend the whole day exploring the town. So before going to Guimaras, we went to the famous Deco’s Iloilo’s La Paz Batchoy and it was truly their treasure. The soup, the noodles, everything on it was all good. After our sumptuous meal, we went straight to the small boat that will bring us to Guimaras, which is famous for their mango in the whole world! Guimaras is very beautiful, and people there are sweet and very accommodating.    
Crab in coconut sauce

Fresh Oysters
Bell Tower

Breakthrough Seafood Restaurant
     Although their food is not that promising, the famous Mango is a must try and Bacolod’s butterscotch. We arrived in Guimaras port at around 2pm and there are lots of tricycle drivers waiting for passengers (later on we learned that you can hire their service for P300 only) they will bring you to places such as tourist spots, market or any place you are interested to visit. It is fun to enjoy this especially riding the jeepney so you’ll know your way to the town (there are no cabs/taxi in Guimaras). The tricycle driver brought us to the church and waited until we’re done praying and taking pictures. Then we went to Trappist Monastery (but only for a while) and went straight to the beach resort. We arrived in the resort probably 4 or 5 in the afternoon and we noticed how old age the place was because the store was about to close and even the one and only restaurant in the resort. We decided to buy everything we need until the next day since everything will be close in a second.  We brought along beers, foods, cigarettes in the seashore and we started enjoying the sceneries. The breeze was cold and yet, we were not freezing at all. We ate, drink, and swim over and over until we are tired. We went to bed at around 2 in the morning but we promised to wake up early so we can see the rising of the sun. Later in the afternoon, there were jellyfish all over the sea which made us decide to pack our bags and go back to Iloilo. We look for Ted’s which we heard was also one of the best La Paz Batchoy in Iloilo, but it was nothing compare to Deco’s. The soup and everything on it was not tasty at all. Well it was good, but I preferred Deco’s. After our meal, we went to Bell Tower and the Church.  We also visited SM Iloilo City and had dinner in Breakthrough Seafood and Restaurant in Arevalo, beachfront and the food was good and affordable! We stayed in Hotel Del Rio in Gen. Luna St. for the night but we went out again to party! We went to Smallville which is famous to be the “Malate” of Iloilo City. We partied until dawn and went back to our hotel. The next morning, we bought pasalubong and fly back to Manila. It was exhausting but unforgettable vacation, the foods will never be forgotten…


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