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I am always been a lover of different cuisines. Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, American, Indian are some of the food I would recommend to friends and family. And I am also adventurous in terms of creating and copying these cuisines. I always want making my own dish and ensuring everything is fresh. And because of that, yesterday when I was thinking of cooking Gyoza which is one of my most favorite food in the planet, I decided to create my own wrapper from scratch. I checked the internet for the recipe but this is some kind of your trial and error process because you really have to create your own, since measurements and ingredients won't be available from one country to another. Some would think this is crazy because the only ingredients are flour, water and salt. However, different flour from different country may have different reaction if you are going to put another ingredient on it, agree? = ) Now, I believe that my Gyoza is 90% successful, as what my family told me, hahahahah! See for your self and if you want to try this then check out RECIPE OF THE DAY for more details.
I'm BACK! After giving birth to my wonderful and beautiful healthy BOY! Since the title of my blog is the happy traveler, I actually mean it. Remember that we moved in to Baguio City few months ago? Well, we're back in Manila! hahahhaha! Oh yeah, that's true. It's complicated but honestly, I'm sort of happy for what happened and seriously I've learn so much from everything. I will be writing more often again, that's a promise. = )

Vegetarian Lunch

 Steamed Tokwa with Oyster sauce and toasted garlic.

Fried Lumpia with sweetened vinegar for Dip.
So, who enjoys lousy and tasteless vegetarian food? Well, not me! I hate it! But not until I tried this dish which is very delicate and smooth. Here in the Philippines, although they say that there is no difference between Tofu and tokwa, I know there is. Tofu is smooth and silky while Tokwa is not. Though the recipe calls for Tofu, I made up my mind and decided to use tokwa instead, to make it more local and affordable. I never liked steamed tofu, or anything steamed (except for fish). I thought this dish will going to be boring and tasteless but I was wrong, completely wrong. As long as the steaming process is right, nothing will go wrong. You can visit my RECIPE OF THE DAY if you want to know how I did it. Combining tokwa and fried lumpia will never go wrong. Both are healthy and you can eat pretty much whatever you want! You won't feel guilty at all especially if you are on a diet. Very lovely dish.

Heart of Palm Sisig (Puso ng Saging)

    I never thought that this dish will work. I was just in the market thinking what food to serve my family today when I saw this beautiful heart of palm in the middle of the vegetable stall. And I started to wonder, what if I'll make sisig out of it? Then right then and then I bought all the ingredients needed and I'll experiment AGAIN! Wuhoooo!!! So excited to try this one because If I'll be able to pull this off, it will be a healthy, nutritious and affordable dish I will ever make. If some of you don't know whats SISIG is, then let me explain it to you. Originally, sisig is a spicy pork dish with pig brain (mayonnaise for replacement). You have to serve it piping hot in sizzling plate all the time for best result. If you are interested to know how I cook the dish, please visit RECIPE OF THE DAY. Cooking food is always my passion, and creating new recipe's is also my vision. I would love to share my food knowledge to other people who shares the same passion.