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Vegetarian Lunch

 Steamed Tokwa with Oyster sauce and toasted garlic.

Fried Lumpia with sweetened vinegar for Dip.
So, who enjoys lousy and tasteless vegetarian food? Well, not me! I hate it! But not until I tried this dish which is very delicate and smooth. Here in the Philippines, although they say that there is no difference between Tofu and tokwa, I know there is. Tofu is smooth and silky while Tokwa is not. Though the recipe calls for Tofu, I made up my mind and decided to use tokwa instead, to make it more local and affordable. I never liked steamed tofu, or anything steamed (except for fish). I thought this dish will going to be boring and tasteless but I was wrong, completely wrong. As long as the steaming process is right, nothing will go wrong. You can visit my RECIPE OF THE DAY if you want to know how I did it. Combining tokwa and fried lumpia will never go wrong. Both are healthy and you can eat pretty much whatever you want! You won't feel guilty at all especially if you are on a diet. Very lovely dish.

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