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Fruit Art
Special Chopseuy with quail eggs, crab stick & Veggies
Side Table Cactus
Fresh Flowers

Star Apple
When my husband’s cousin finally finished the construction of renovating their house in Quezon City, of course, everyone was invited! First of all, the house was amazing, and you wouldn’t think it’s the same house at all. All the new furniture, appliances, newly crisp curtains and the breeze of natural air from the outside of the house mixed with the air conditioner was truly a great since it was summer time. They decided to have the house blessed and all of the closest friends and family was invited. They prepared some Filipino delicacies such as, Chopseuy, Crispy Baked Lechon Kawali, Fried chicken and Italian food like Baked Penne in Creamy tomato sauce and Garlic white fish with sweet and spicy soy sauce.  The table presentation was amazing, and the design was elegant as well as the taste of the food. The flower and fruit arrangement looks very professional and very neat. We had so much fun with the house blessing, I know it’s kinda odd but we are laughing all the way from the beginning till end of the ceremony. It was because of the priest itself who was very funny and adorable. After the ceremony we started lunch and we talked about the outcome of the house. We had coffee crumble and double Dutch ice cream for dessert. We finally rested for a few, my family and I stayed in one of the room own by our nephew and we watched movies while my son was sleeping. We went straight to Subic Olongapo City for our summer vacation after all that unforgettable meal and fun experience.
Table Arrangement
White Fish with Sweet and Spicy Soy Sauce

Baked Penne

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