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Hundred Island Night mare!

Sinigang na Panga ng Tuna
Kilawing Talaba
Crispy Pata
Our very own inihaw na Pusit
Ihaw ihaw namin
Every year, our favorite friends go out of town (and someday out of the country) for summer vacation.  We’ve been to Subic, Zambales, Pangasinan, Puerto Galera, Batangas, Laguna, Pagudpod and La Union. Next year we want to go to Boracay for a change, because we want to fly the plane together! It’s our dream! I hope we will be able to organize everything soon so there’s no more hassle this time. Go back to our Hundred Island trip, it was absolutely DISASTER! From the moment we hopped in the bus and straight to Pangasinan. First, our meeting time was 5 am so we can enjoy the whole day in the beach. We had a solid plan with us but little do we know that everything will turn out NIGHTMARE! So we went to Victory liner for the earliest trip to Pangasinan but for the bad luck sake’s, the next trip will be after 3 hours. (Plus, 4 of our friends are MIA!!!!) So we contacted them and told them to go directly to Dagupan bus terminal since it also has daily trip to Pangasinan but again for bad luck sake, only Ordinary bus was available. So for the love of adventure, we decided to take this trip because it’s almost 8am and we are so behind our schedule. Because it’s our bad day, the trip took 6 hours and it was because of heavy traffic, so many stop over (because it is ordinary) and many many many many more that would pissed you off if you were on our shoes. We almost regret the trip and I said that we should’ve visited Baguio instead. So after our very long journey, we got there at around 3pm and it was freaking hot! We didn’t know that there is no actual beach on our destination and we have to rent a boat to go to the island. Again, we were disappointed so we decided to eat first and it is the only thing that made us happy that day. The seafood was fresh and delicious! Although we waited for almost an hour, everything was worth it. The shrimp, squid, sinigang, oyster and crispy pata! They will cook all seafood fresh from the aquarium so it freshness is guaranteed. Since it was almost dark when we finished “lunch”, we decided to look for place where we can stay although some boatmen offered to bring us to the beach and we can stay there. One local point us to someone who has room for rent that can accommodate 8 of us. It was ok, the place is not your typical hotel room and the air conditioned was not functioning well but the scenery was fine. After unpacking our stuff, 2 of my friends and I went to the market to buy foods, drinks and things we need for tomorrow’s journey to the beach. Everything was seemed normal except for the squid because we really find it hard to believe that it was way too cheap for its size! It was humongous and so fresh and it was only P75/kilo. Even after eating it, it was hard for us to believe the price of the squid because if you will buy it in Manila, it might be for P400 each! Anyway, moving forward (see?!Until now I’m still hooked) we grilled the squid, bangus, chicken, pork, eggplant, seaweed and tilapia. We also had fruit salad with buko for dessert. We had some drinks and then we decided to finally take a rest. We woke up 5 in the morning to make sure every hour of the day will be spent in the beach, but with our dismay, we left the shore almost 7am waiting for the boatmen. Upon riding the boat, everything was seemed stressful because there was no enough life vest and some are already torn and ruined. We decided to clear our mind and told ourselves to calm down because we went there to relax and unwind. We checked out 3 islands and it seems that there was some sort of festival so we decided to look for a quite place to swim. We saw this island (I forgot the name) and we decided to stay there for a while. The boatmen said that they have to fix the boat and pick up some customers at the same time so they need to leave us for about 45 minutes. We were very hesitant at first but we ended up saying “its ok.” We enjoyed the fine sands and blue sea but we noticed that it’s almost 2 hours since the boatmen left. We called the owner, even the barangay/organizer for help. After almost 3 hours they came and we were so PISSED OFF!!!! This is a nightmare!!! From the beginning till end! We finished our whole day trip then we decided to go back home in Manila. The trip was disastrous! And we decided to never ever come back to 100 ISLAND PANGASINAN EVER AGAIN.

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