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All my hard work had paid off! Just got an email for an invitation for Food tasking activity from a Pastry Chef! I love it! Who doesn't love bread and sweets?! I am just hoping to meet co-blogger on the event and make new friends. I have been wanting to do tasting activity to help FILIPINO cuisines, cooks, restaurants as well as people who loves food so that they know where to dine and what to expect. Most of my friends told me that I am a critic when it comes to food. You can't blame me, I grew up in a family who has so much passion in food. Everyone in the family knows how to cook and of course, differentiate good food to bad. The best cook in our family are most men, especially my grandfather. Growing up with a huge family, food plays a big role in our life. So you can't blame me for knowing so much about FOOD. = )


  1. I also would love to be invited to an activity involving food. Wish I can do that too someday...

    Please visit my food blog:
    I just made this last week and I would greatly appreciate if you share my page to your followers. Thank you very much!

  2. Hi Rodel! IKR?! We love food so it should be mandatory that food bloggers should be invited to every restaurant in the country. Hahahaha! Well, good luck with your blog and I hope that you serves not just good food and experience but an inspiration to people like us who wants to EAT and WRITE!
    = )


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