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All you can eat Breakfast in Something Fishy

   I remember going to something fishy just to drink or to meet friends after work in Eastwood. I never really like their breakfast way back 2008 because it doesn’t really taste good. I also remember confronting one of their supervisors because they were charging me double for the food I wasn’t able to finish, particularly, a Tocino “Sweetened Pork” and Hotdog. I was really pissed off that time because, I can’t finish the food the reason why they were charging me. But what can I do?! I didn’t expect that the food will taste that bad, was it my fault? The debate lasted for maybe an hour before they gave up because I will never pay for something I never had. And I told myself I will never go back to this place again. But twist of fate happened and I never thought I’d be back to Something Fishy, for their eat all you can breakfast at least. Almost every night and day I was there because the Beer with Pulutan (special meal partnered with alcohol) compared to other bars around Eastwood. My group was having team building and because I was so hungry, I decided to give it another try. And I was really surprised to see that all their food had changed, and taste as well. From soup to dessert, are all looking really special unlike before. I tasted everything and maybe not all are good, but at least it was better. I love the new adobo, the Chinese ham, the pancakes and waffles with toppings, the arroz caldo (rice porridge), champorado (choco rice porridge), pansit canton, chicken fingers, and many more. I also love their service much better now, ‘coz most of them are smiling and approachable. And who’ll ever think that we will go back almost every day for breakfast and sometimes lunch and dinner? That is why, I decided to never make my impression lasts, because things may change, and good thing, it was for the better. So for some of you, who haven’t tried their Eat all you can breakfast, which starts midnight until 10am. For the record, I don’t advertise anyone in my blog, all of my comments here are strictly what I feel and was influenced by no one.

Somethin'Fishy Eastwood City Walk
Eastwood City Walk, Eastwood Ave
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
(02) 421-6412 to 13

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