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How to make Coco Jam

   Growing up in Antipolo Rizal means having a "Kakanin" (sweet sticky rice) for breakfast or snacks. My grandmother who used to be one of the pioneer in cooking "Puto" and "Suman" taught me how to cook these super delicious delicacy. I remember having fried "Suman sa Lihiya" (sticky rice cooked in lye) for breakfast. I always put granulated sugar or condensed milk on top to sweeten it. It's so delicious because the outside is crunchy and the inside is soft, gooey and rich. And don't forget the so famous "Latik". "Latik" is made of fried thick coconut milk and being used for almost every "kakanin" I know. And one of them is Coco Jam. I so love it. And what's make it so special is that I always cook them myself instead of buying it because others has artificial flavoring, and preservatives plus its cheaper. My "Inang" (what we call our grandmother) didn't really gave me her recipe, nor the step by step how to in cooking Coco jam. I guess it runs in our blood that whatever food we eat, just by tasting it, we know exactly how its done, and whats in it. Coco jam is one of my favorite jam, followed by strawberry, blueberry and peanut butter jelly. Now, enough of this and lets cook!

6 cups of thick coconut milk
1/2 panucha (whole brown sugar) or if you can't find panucha, just use 1/2 kilo of brown sugar
pandan leaves

Put all ingredients in a casserole and boil for 30 minutes. If you noticed that it is already thickened, stir it using wooden spatula. It will take around another 30 minutes or more depending on how you thick you want it to be. And you can always adjust sugar mixture to the sweetness you want. Some people use corn syrup (or other syrup) but that is not the authentic way of cooking Coco Jam. Coco jam is not best served hot nor cold, so make sure to leave it in room temperature before serving. Disregard the oil formed on the process of cooking Coco Jam or you can use it in frying Suman or egg. Elders in our community uses the oil from Coco Jam for massage as they believe that it has good benefits to our body. Fresh cooked coconut jam can lasts for 1 week, since it doesn't have preservatives in it. (But I doubt if it will last that long since everyone in the house love it!) Serve it with hot pandesal or loaf bread. It is also best for baguette or bagels every morning.

Thick Coconut Milk


1st simmer

2nd Simmer

Let it cool
Coco Jam with Crackers! Perfect combination


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