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Vegetarian Binagoongan

   After gaining so much weight in my pregnancy, getting back in shape is really hard. Especially when you haven't lose the extra weight you gain on your first pregnancy like in my case. My second baby wasn't planned, but it doesn't matter. He is adorable, super cute little boy, our angel. Even though I want to go on a diet now, still I can't because I am breastfeeding my youngest. The only diet effective to me is Atkins and I just can't do that while nursing my little boy. So I decided that instead of going on a diet, maybe I just have to control portions of the food I eat, right? And I decided to eat more vegetarian dishes to lessen fats and cholesterol in  my food. One if the "Inventions" I made was Vegetarian Binagoongan". My husband love tofu so much that he wanted it in almost all of dishes. So I guess there's nothing wrong in cooking it in every meals since it is very healthy and versatile like my favorite eggplant. So I came up with this idea of cooking it in Bagoong. I actually made Tofu adobo, mechado, afritada, caldereta, curry, tempura, and many more. I will also post my recipes on that, I promise. Now, let's focus on this one first.


2 blocks Tofu
5 pieces medium size eggplant
3 gloves garlic minced
1 whole medium size onion
2 pieces tomatoes diced
cooking oil for frying
2 Tsp vinegar
1/2 cup bagoong (shrimp paste)
2 Tsp sugar
salt and pepper to taste

Cut the tofu and eggplant according to your size preference. Wash it and put a pinch of salt and pepper then fry in skillet. ( for more healthy dish, oven bake it instead of frying) Wait until its golden brown then set aside. In another pan, put some oil then saute garlic, onion and tomatoes. Add Bagoong (shrimp paste) sugar and vinegar. Cook for 5 minutes then add tofu and eggplant. Incorporate every thing to spread flavor and cook for another 5 minutes. Serve hot on top of steaming rice.


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